Are these signs this girl may be lesbian?

I want to talk to this girl on Facebook, haven't met her in RL, but I don't know if she's gay or not. I don't want to ask, and I know that any woman could be a lesbian and there aren't specific written in signs, but I'm just wondering if it looks likely

She's kinda punk so it could just be her style, but

A couple yeas ago (age 20) she had cut boy hair, like super butch short. Now it is a super short bob with bangs.
She dresses in manly like clothes (black pants, sometimes tights with a short skirt, but for tops, I see button down collared shirts 80% of the time, plaid short coats or jackets).
She openly has pics of her smoking cigs.
She has a TON of guy friends, who she calls "the boys"
Her girl friends seem butch too, or just odd.
She has a couple photo sets of her dressed as a man, fake facial hair and clothing, saying one was for Halloween, and she legit looked like a man and she wrote #androgeny.
Umm I see seriously no romantic stuff at all on her fb.
She doesn't shave either, like some pics have unshaved armpit hair and leg hair that's long.

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  • As a lesbian my gaydar is going off big time :p hahaha she sounds stereotypically gay. But like obviously you can't know unless you ask. She could just be a tomboy who is a straight.


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  • It sounds like she fits all the stereotypes, but I still wouldn't make the assumption, but it's very possible.


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