Why does she ignore me if she "likes" me?

There is a girl that I know for a month or so , we were
texting and we would say hallo to each other if we meet somewhere.

She seemed to be very happy that i texted her first and she texted like crazy at first, but then , after a nice first date , she started igoring me and doesn't even say hallo to me when we meet on the street.

She knew me before the date but there has been a big problem on the date that I can't discover...

Why did this girl go out with me if she knew that she will ignore me after that?


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  • Guys need to be ignored otherwise they will take for granted. (from experience).

    • But what should I do know , i dont text her anymore because I find it pointles?

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    • @Phoenix98 She replied every 5 hours so I started to ignore her because i didn't know what to say anymore. Yesterday she walked at least 10 timest past me and didn't even say hallo but she noticed me. She shows lack of interest - I started to ignore her - she ignores me even more because I ignore her... I mean wtf? 😂

    • Then I don't know man that seems a bit excessive.

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  • Some women are just like that just like some guys think it's a good idea to ignore girls they like. Just roll with the punches I guess.


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  • We don't know what happened on the date so either two reasons she's playing hard to get like some basic chick or went on the date and realized she's doesn't really Ike you

    • She didn't seem bored or sth else on the date , she laughed a lot and played with her hair all the time. But I think that she doesn't like me and that I am wasting my time on trying to get her.

    • Hmm.. don't know what to tell ya I feel you do it can be frustrating as heck and the search continues good luck

    • Thank for you help

  • Maybe she realized on said date she didn't like you like that, fam

    • I think the same but she could explain that to me , I would feel more comfortable if she said that directly to me and not go out and the next day act like we dont know each other.

  • Sounds like she just may have lost interest. And if thats the case, there may be no good reason, sometimes girl just don't make sense like that.