What's up with girls thinking they are special little snowflakes by having stretch marks on their booty?

I've literally never trained a chick who didn't complain about either stretch marks or cellulite. 9/10 times it's not even there. I see this question pop up on gag literally all the time. If you're a fat fuck with an ass that could be mistaken as cottage cheese.. I'm not referring to you. You're fat.. lose some weight.. that's gross.
What's up with girls thinking they are special little snowflakes by having stretch marks on their booty?No bitch.. your body is repulsive.. not beautiful...

I'm referring to all the normal basic bitches out there. You aren't a special little snow flake. If your dude is turned off by your unpronounced booty lines then your dude is a chick. I have stretch marks and random little scars all over my body. Zero fucks given. Nobody gives a fuck. Stop thinking you are a special snowflake.

  • I'm one of those chicks
  • I'm a guy and don't give a fuck about unpronounced booty lines
  • I'm a weird feminine guy who's dink gets soft at unpronounced booty lines
  • I'm pink anon
  • I feel targeted because you helped me out with my weight on here and I've told you that (Yep I've helped dozens).. not just you boyo. You aren't a special snowflake
  • Trump 2k16
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It's just another thing girls are insecure about.

    When was the last time stretch marks WERENT airbrushed on models? Girls seem to think that they need to look like an airbrushed model to be deemed attractive.

    Personally, Idgaf. I have slight almost unnoticeable stretch marks on the side of my boobs and nobody seems to care... or notice... besides me.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Because chicks are gullible and believe the shit in magazines where there's literally 0% body fat, no cellulite and no stretch marks... despite the fact that literally everyone knows they're photoshopped and are models for a reason, chicks still believe it


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  • It's just something a lot of people are insecure about. I don't think anyone feels special about it or is unaware that a lot of people have them.. they just don't want them and it effects how they see themselves. You figure you talk about the things that your uncomfortable with your physical fitness coach hoping against hope that there is something you can work on.

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  • Stretchmarks are one of those things that are covered or edited out. It's not obvious that most people have them. Just another thing people are insecure about because at the end of the day, it is a flaw.

  • why you mad man?
    calm down XD

  • The guy next to her looks like he either wants to laugh or vomit hahaha

  • Lol@ option e

  • Hahaha


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