How do I get into a non serious relationship?

I'm a freshman HS I like this girl but she does not want to date anyone until college she says because dating is to find someone you want to marry (and your not going to find that at 14,15 or 16 etc) How do I get her to change her view on me. she's a great friend to me and thinks very highly of me.


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  • It seems like she only views you as a friend I think you should move on.


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  • You become her great freind and then when she graduates with you. You take her out on a date to celibate. Your not going to change her mind about waiting to date. Even if you are the best guy. That won't change. I tried twice and I tried pushing my female friend to date and neither worked. She will date when she feels ready.

    • Yes but it's non serious we already are close and our friendship grew to that point in less then a month

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    • What are those signs

    • Usually she is wearing sweat pants and they have a dark pattern. If she asks you to check to see if she bled through. Mark that day it normally happens months around that time. She will be acting a bit differently. She might have mood swings. She will look awkward at normal times. She won't want to laugh or sneeze.
      If your really good freinds with her figuring it out is not hard at all in highschool.

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