Help!!! Why do guys say and act like they like you in person but when your away from them they don't text you/call you as much?

Guys please answer!!!


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  • Well they could be busy or just not text a lot.. I think you should write a description so us answerers know exactly how to help!

    • What description? It saids everything in my question, there is no specific one example. This has happened with 2 different men.

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    • You seem to operate like a 18 or 19 year old. At least you aren't a giant douche like @SoFeckinAddicted

    • Why do say that?

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  • Many Toms Today are Bad... Text Toms.
    They are perhaps More into Convo when Standing with you but Apart... Not in your Head, sometimes not even in their own Heart.
    It depends on the guy, how much he Cares or even Wants to How much he wants Know you better.
    And if he Really finds you this Amazing girl, Regardless of what Time the Hands are on that Number... You can pretty much "Get His Number," if he Does Find the Time, with no Line.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, dear, for your own Vote of Confidence, and Wonder if my bud above even Sees this MHO on his own end? xx

    • Yep I see it haha!

    • lol!!! I was wondering if you were working over time somewhere. @jman46241 Cos I know I have. xx

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  • Girls aren't worth texting that often tbh. One text every now and then is what most confident men will be willing to do. Only desperate guys afraid of loosing you will text you 6 times a day

  • I mean how often do you want him to text you? If you expect them to text you multiple times per day, that's more than most people are going to feel like doing, and it doesn't have anything to do with them liking you or not.

    • How about once a day because this one guy doesn't even do that but acts like he likes me in person

    • Once a day is kind of often still, I'd probably text once a day on weekends but maybe not on weekdays if I was tired.

    • Really?

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