Is he hinting that he doesn't want to pursue a future with me?

I've been building with a really phenomenal man for about four months now. We usually have really deep conversations, but yesterday it got really deep. I told him some personal things about my family and home life after my mom and I got into an argument. He was silent a lot but he does give great advice and he was telling me some things I should do to make it better. I couldn't help but think that me telling him about that may have "turned him off"? He's told me waaaaay more personal things but I just opened up to him. I really do care about him deeply. This morning he told me he was excited for our future- individual and business futures is how he put it. He has talked to me about an us and what we could be in the future. But today he said he's excited for our individual futures (and business too). Am I overthinking it or is he hinting that he doesn't want to pursue a future with me?


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  • He is probably second guessing.


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  • No, Not That so Much But... Business too Here, dear.
    From where I Sit it Seems this Lad is Yes, Into a Future but His Own "Business," Personal or Money Wise," is His own at Home.
    Open Lines of Convo is Very Important at any Stage, no Rage, in a New or Old Relationship.
    Good luck and Go Slow with Joe. xx