So insecure I'm paranoid?

Lately I have been feeling very paranoid and insecure about how people have been treating to me. Everyone who has been mean to me in the past, have being really nice to me. They're not even a fake nice, but genuinely nice. They try and help me, they ask me how am feeling. I just found it strange. These people are not tense or aggressive with me anymore. They're a lot nicer. I have this personality trait where I overthink everything. I can't help it. Did I do something weird to make them do this? Do they know something about me? All these crazy ideas put into my head. I also think people are talk about me at work
Also another thing is I have bad sleep issues. Sometimes I feel like I sleepwalk, talk in my sleep, call people and have convos with them. Sometimes I know when I'm sleeping and I can't wake myself up. I look at my caller Id to see if I called anyone and I didn't. I don't know why I been feeling like this lately. It is really taking over my life.

I had a very abusive mother who would always make comments on my appearance. She would always make negative remarks. She would comment on how she doesn't understand why men love me.

How do I stop this? How do I find out the truth


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