Why do I attract such girls?

Iam 6'2, great style groomed and always smelling nice and i've been told a lot that iam really good looking, cool and attractive, and girls stare at me a lot and some try to hold eye contact for a while, i've noticed that i attract a certain type of girls who seem to like me quite a lot even if they just like my looks and the way i act but they seem pretty attracted to me , long stares, checking out, turning their heads to look at me, holding eye contact for a long time, really shy and even clumsy around me.

These girls are always really attractive, like really stand out, have bfs, your typical "good " girls, dont sleep around, cheat and have decent bfs even if looks wise they're average, quiet, calm, and not loud and obnixious and they care about being as attractive as possible while being kinda submissive but not weak nor dumb.

needless to say these qualities make a girl a real catch, but here's the catch, they are giving me some pretty intense and interesting signs and they have bfs. so yeah a really bad idea to get too close to them.

iam just trying to figure out why i attract such girls?


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  • They found you attractive, not flirting with you. There's anything wrong to find someone attractive when they are in relationship.

    • so if you have a girlfriend and you find a girl really attractive you started eyeing her from a far, holding eye contact, smiling at her, your eyes locked on her and flirting with her its okay? i find that hard to believe regardless of who does it , common sense says they dont want anything serious but their actions speak much louder.

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    • yeah i know all that crossed my mind when thinking about and honeatly if it happened once or twice with a girk i wouldn't care but iam talking about dozena of interactions with potentionaally hundreds of people around as iam a college student and i findit weird tbh not that they are looking but how hard they do it

    • i get your point i shoulsnt take it seriously and invest so much in it and you're right i would advise anyone the same even me but the way it happens with me sometimes makes me queation my own judgement.

  • I think they just find you attractive. Girls can be like that, especially if you're tall.

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