Girl says I'm trying to figure out my life right now so I don't want to get into anything. What does it mean?

So a little background I've been crushing on my best friends sister in law for quite some time and we've been hanging out a lot as a group with my friend, his wife, and her and it's all been really fun but through all the time spent together that crush for me has turned into I really want to date this girl because she's incredible. I'm very slow at gathering my nerve, so a week ago I finally asked her out and she told me that she is trying to find a job in her field right now and to figure out her life so she doesn't want to jump into anything at the moment but she still wants us all to hang out. I don't really know what to make of any of it and whether she's just letting me down gently or if she is telling the truth and at some point I'll get my date, my concern is I'm going to continue waiting for her and I'll never get a chance or she'll show up with some other guy because she was never into me in the first place. I guess I just want an opinion on the situation and some advice as to what I should do?

One other background piece is that I had talked to my crushes sister, my best friends wife, well before I had ever asked her out and her sister had told me the same exact thing about my crush in regards to that she isn't looking for a relationship because she's trying to figure out her life, so I dunno what to make of that either.
I'm inclined to side with you guys in that she isn't interested but my self esteem is shit so I never assume girls like me. I think I'll probably just ask her.


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  • She is not into you.
    She wants to put herself first and find herself.
    She doesn't want to be in a relationship.
    If she dates someone it's probably because she fell for the person so she'll be willing to change her mind.
    It doesn't mean you are not important to her.
    It doens't mean something is wrong with you.


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  • If Chris Hemsworth was hitting on her, she's fucking DROP EVERYTHING and say yes, so she's just trying to tell you you're not hot enough for her to date you. See this chart:

    If you're in the bottom 60%, you can forget about ever finding love. Just drop out of society and play video games until you work up the courage to kill yourself. No woman would or could ever feel any emotional connection to an inferior breeding specimen. It's not in their nature. You know, like the scorpion and the frog? Women's nature is to marry UP, not down.


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  • She's not that into you. If she was, she'd make time for you and her attraction would override the bs she fed you. However, the chances are that if you stopped chasing her, and stopped putting her on a pedestal, she'd become more interested BUT that wouldn't be true interest.

    My advice, move on BUT I doubt you will do that and instead, you will probably pursue her and end up deep in the friend zone.

  • That's her way of saying she's not that into you.