So basically, do your dating choices come down to maturity?

Especially with girls... they always want the fun bad boy. but everyone knows how that ends up.

As a mature guy, I feel I pursue the right girls, they just aren't quite mature themselves yet, and they date people that I can tell are wrong for them. Lots of the relationships around me among my peers are immature and dysfunctional to some degree for the most part. Or are sexual flings or whatever... Just all for the wrong reasons!

Then I'll end up getting not so attractive girls after me, and I'm sorry, but I just wouldn't enjoy being with them... I mean, it's not gonna work if I'm not attracted to them. And idk, it seems like a girl could date just about any guy that wasn't ugly, but then there's times when a guy is good looking, but if his social skills aren't quite up to par with her ex bf, (who probably was the coolest "party" type guy she could find), and he doesn't act wild, well then to girls he's automatically ugly... at least that's how it seems. But anyone who is mature wouldn't give a crap if the guy went to parties or not. And maybe they'd give him a chance. Who knows what's under that shy exterior? and I mean he's decent looking enough right?

So... does dating come down to maturity? I think it's the main reason why the dating scene seems so screwed up. No doubt, girls have the ultimate say... the power to choose... Do the mature girls actually see the value in a bit of shyness/nerves while immature girls are attracted to purely fun, overly confident guys, that well... screw them over in the long run because if you like someone, you get nervous no matter what, and well they didn't so it's not like they even cared much to begin with... :/

Now that's not ALWAYS true, but you can spot a good guy and a bad guy from a mile away, just buy looking at them, if you're relatively smart about people in general...

oops... I mean *by* in the final sentence... not buy as in "purchase"... lol ;)


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  • To me it is about the maturity... but even the immature, shallow or young minded would say that... when as a matter of fact they go for the cocky guys that don't give a poop and the guys use them to some extent without a care, the gals don't even see it as it's mistaken for confidence.

    I think confidence is sometimes muddled with a crowing *ock and gals may swoon cause he appeals in looks too.. and young gals connect confidence with maturity. I like quietly confident people that don't demand attention like they 'need' it... yes we all like attention now and then... from certain good people... but some demand it off everyone they meet at parties and find it difficult to behave somewhat more dignified.

  • I know exactly what you're talking about. I've been called mature for my age ever since I was in middle school. I always like older and more mature guys that were really nice. Immature guys (for me) are just well...annoying. I mean they're ok to hang out with and be friends with, but not to date. Perhaps your maturity intimidates girls? I think that's what my problem has been. Because I am not much of a party person (I mean I'll go and have fun with friends and stuff), guys just write me off and it makes me feel like I am unattractive because I don't do certain things. I hope this helps! :)

    • Yes! I feel the same way! for the same reasons I think! I feel unattractive for like no reason at all! :(

    • We have so much in common haha

    • Lol for real!

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