Am I moving too slow?

I just had this second date with a really great girl and I'm worried that I'm moving too slow. She took a train to go on a date with me and went out on a night where she was busy most of the week studying for a big test, so I think she's interested in me. But after dinner, she offered me some mint flavored gum and isn't that a sign that she wanted to be kissed? Well, I seemed to ignore that sign until after the date was over. So we haven't kissed yet or held hands or anything. We've just been getting to know each other while laughing and having a good time together. I just want to show her what I think of her now. I'm worried that if I don't make a move soon or show her that these are dates and not just hanging out, she is going to think I'm not interested and will friendzone me.


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  • How about you just tell her and ask her yourself. You think that you have to kiss somebody on the 1st 2nd or even 3rd date? Some people like it, and some don't. Your not moving too slow. And who cares if you do. You go at the pace of your relationship with her. Plus her offering you gum is not a sign to be kissed. I don't know where you got that from. It was just a kind gesture. Its not time for that yet. And she doesn't seem to be upset about anything. Trust me, you would not the signs of disinterest from her body language and facial expressions. Your not going to lose her. But you worrying will. Ask her yourself next time for a 3rd date, and see what happens. Make your intentions fully and absolutely clear before you become official. Remember that dating is about process and elimination. Not this 'friend zone' business.

    • I agree about the gum too. Never heard of that. You are thinking of those Dentine commercials, LOL!

    • @truthbeknown

      I haven't seen a Dentine commercial in years. Overall, you should just go with the mood and continue doing what your doing. She seems to genuinely like you a lot.

    • If you have a few minutes, go on youtube and search for Dentyne commercials. Some of them are actually pretty good/funny!

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  • What? Second date and you still haven't kissed? What the fuck are you doing? I've only had one first date where it didn't lead to at least multiple makeout sessions (my first ever date). If you get another date, plan the shit out of it. Plan, you're going to go for dinner here then you're going to take a nice walk through a scenic beautiful place, and then go for a kiss and not one of those bullshit light tap kisses I mean KISS her. Look at her in her eyes then her lips and then her eyes and brush her hair to the side of her ear and go for it. That's what women want, a man that knows what he wants and isn't afraid of going for it, not some boy who's afraid of losing her. Kiss her as passionately as you can. She wants it dude, she wouldn't have gone on a date with you if she didn't want the date to lead to sex that night or later on. Do you understand? Take that to heart and never forget it. A girl will ONLY go out with you if she WANTS you two to end up together. Your only job is to fulfill her fantasy, that's it, so man the fuck up. Take her to dinner, make her laugh, call her out on her silliness, show her that you can hold a conversation, tease her, be playful, then show her you're confident enough to know that she wants you. What you think all those "accidental" bumps while walking with her are by accident? You think she's nervous because you don't make her nervous? C'mon dude, know your worth and what you can do. Hell you should go into first dates with the intention of hitting a home run and then you'll see how much your dating life will improve. Seriously dude, girls want it just as bad as you do, they just want you to take the lead so go for it.

    • Don't listen to what girls say, girls are horrible when it comes to giving advice on how to get girls. Just trust me on this one dude.

    • This is basically true. I agree about 99% with this, but I would like to add to be a gentleman about it and not be so vulgar.

    • @truthbeknown true, I guess I got carried away since I'm so passionate about this haha

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  • You are doing just fine and take your time and everything will come naturally.. Dont be like me and well rush the entire relationship right to the end lol.. granted i have an amazing time but it always burns out rather fast and ends with them wanting me to die

  • yep, you are now in the danger zone and if you dont move soon she will be telling you how happy she is with this new guy she met and then asking you if you think he is handsome too

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