Girls, How many times should I text her per week?

Fast forward, me and this girl have known each other for like 3-4 months and we just started a real date for like 2 times which was the first one a movie and the second was just having a dinner at the beach while watching the fireworks. I've told her that i liked her on our first date and she told me she likes me too but we have to stay friends for awhile because she said the time was not right and also because a friend of her likes me and the friend turns out to be my friend too and another reason is that she wants to get to know me and before our 2 dates, we went out for dinner after work for like 6-7 times. The first and second date was good and she felt comfortable around me because we were like very close to each other and during our second date i asked her if she wants to go on a third date which is to watch horror movie and she said yes once again so i'm planning to buy a bouquet of roses and some chocolates and put a picture of us together and pass it to her because i know we won't be seeing each other for a week as she's busy so i thought of giving her a surprise on our third date. Before our third date happen, we use to talk for like 2-3hours non-stop but i always have to text her first. For past few weeks, our communication was going on and off and i didn't text her and when i do i always try to keep the conversation short and she wouldn't text me unless i initiate but her reply was instant. I know that she likes me but why wouldn't she text me? How many times should i text her per week so that she won't be annoyed? Is it okay for me to stop talking to her for 2-3days? What should i do?


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  • That's so sweet. Well some girls just like being chased and would rather the man do all the pursuing before making a relationship official. But you both sound like you really like each other so keep it going. Awww. 💕

    • Thanks! I'll do my best to get her :) You just gave me a hell lot of encouragement :)

    • Awww no problem. 😊💕

    • Hi, may i ask you some questions? For this 2 days i didn't text her and i'm trying to lay low to see if she will text first but still she didn't. I wonder why wouldn't she. I used to text her 90% of the time and i wonder if she will be annoyed if i text her like 5 days per week so i stop to see but then she didn't text me first but we are still having our date on this Friday and i'm not sure what to do. Should i text her?

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