Why does my friend feel the need to purposely make me jealous?

Just to start things off, I'm a boy; she's a girl. Basically, I told my friend I didn't like her last month; turned out she liked me. But I still had no idea.

Then I got over my crush (3.5 years long) and suddenly liked her. She found out and sounded excited, but I told her I wasn't sure how I felt. She told me to let her know when, and I finally told her after a week and a half. We agreed we both liked each other, but we should remain friends and see where the winds take us.

So far with her actions, I've been really discouraged. She ignores me all class, giving me these sad glances. My friend tells me she wants me to start a conversation with her. But today, she's purposely making me jealous. I sat diagonally from her, and she was purposely talking to all the boys around her except me and she was looking at me a few times as she did this, asking for their help. It's discouraging, any ideas as to why she did this?


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  • I think since you didn't feel the same as her last time she wants to be sure you're into her, probably doesn't want to get humiliated / heartbroken / rejected again so all you have to do is take a step towards her and you'll all be fine.


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