I tried to commit suicide does that make me more desperate for love?

My mom found out and ever since then I feel even more lonely. Recently a guy came to me and I never ever thought I'd be into him. I always told myself that Id never do all these things but some of these things I've done with him (it's small things like kissing him and holding hands and dating before I'm ready) is it because I was so depressed I'm more open to love?

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  • See, the risk come from immature heart. Teenagers should not say they grow up to know more than adult. There are more risk in the world. He is satan.


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  • Yea cs you feel empty and you want someone to fill you in.
    But we both know that s not how it s supposed to go yea?

    • Yeah. I don't want to be with him out of desperation for happiness because that's not fair to him.

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    • alrighty ^^
      stay positive :)

    • I'll try. Thank you 🙂

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  • Perhaps, the fact you're depressed its known that love is the number one thing most people desire so perhaps for you to potentially feel it makes you crave it and want it badly, wanting it to be a positive in your life.

  • You need to talk to a professional ASAP.

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