Girls, (Girls help) Should I kiss her?

So I need a little help lol. There's this girl who I'm friends with and she's kinda sort of talking with someone back home (we're at school) but she says she doesn't want anyone and she seems like she has trust issues, but we get along sometimes and we're together a lot. Anyways I noticed sometimes when we're sitting close to each other doing our homeworkwe talk to each other and the way she looks at me her eyes go all around my face as if she's checking me out I don't know. I'm wondering if this would be a good time to just say screw it and lean in lol. As a girl do you expect the guy to just lean in? The thing is she doesn't give very clear signals but from what I can tell she might think I'm cute. Help lol


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  • Don't kiss her immediately. Take her to a park or something first and see how she reacts, if she tries to get out of it or not. Also make sure you ask if you can kiss her when you lean in so you know where her mind is at. Just because she is looking at your face doesn't mean she likes you. I do that just so I can avoid eye contact or if my eyes won't focus right on another person's eyes.


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