How to begin to talk to this girl?

I go to Highschool and I have had a crush on this girl for about 3 years now. I have had English class with her for 2 years in a row now and we have talked to each other before a little a while ago, so we aren't complete strangers. Unfortunately i don't have any classes with her currently, but I'm lucky enough that I walk past her nearly everyday in the halls during our passing period and sometimes i make eye contact with her. I really want to at least talk and become friends with her. I just have no idea how to start a conversation with her without it being really awkward. What would be some suggestions on how to begin to talk to her and how would you react to these suggestions?


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  • Just go up and say hey. If you know of anything you have in common, use that to spark conversation. If you don't know, you could always bring up the English classes you had. Maybe there is an inside joke from your class that you could bring up to break the ice? No matter what just talk to her. Even if you are really awkward, it will still be nice to her that you took the time to try to talk to her and made the effort.

  • Just talk to her at a convenient time. Just say hey. talk to her about something school-wide like how you hate the fire drill you had during a test or how you want to see the school play. They can lead to questions like what class do you have then? and if she is preforming in it.


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  • Do you know her name? Just say "Hi Name" That's all it takes. If there's time say "How was your weekend?" on Monday, or "Got any plans for the weekend?" on Friday. Girls want guys to talk to them. There's about 100,000 questions on GaG from girls asking how they can get guys to notice them. This old line is true: "There's a girl sitting next to you, and she is just waiting for something to do."

    There's a really simple way to date beautiful girls -- you ask them.

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