Is it time for guys to stop asking for the number?

I've been on an internet thing recently... my mind keeps figuring out ways to get ahead of all the technological advancements that are especially utilized by young people.

one thing occurred to me this afternoon:

Why ask for the number when you can easily get the snapchat?

Cons of the number:

-It raises her defenses: Who is this guy?

-It raises her insecurity: What does it say about me if I give my number that easily?

-It raises her boredom: Every guy always wants my number

Pros of the number:

-You can call/FT more easily than any app can do (well, not technically. Skype gives the clearest pitch)

-You can call/FT ANYTIME the phone is on

-The fact that you're at the level of texting and calling suggests you all are at a closer level of intimacy than apps (though this can be debated

Cons of Snapchat:

-She doesn't always have to have it on (Though she usually does)

-She may not have notifications on (I honestly have no clue if she does)

-You could possibly be seen as gay for liking snapchat so much you ask for that instead of the number

Pros of Snapchat:

-She'll almost always say YES (Even if she doesn't like you/ know you that well)

-Other guys might not be thinking of it, yet (Novelty Factor)

-More fun/dynamic than stilted texts back and forth

*** Final General Thoughts on Getting Ahead of The Pack

Important to note how important it is in general to be thinking about the future possibilities of everything. If something like snapchat truly is capable of "replacing the phone" then capitalizing on it early rather than when the masses migrate grants a huge advantage. It's like being the designer versus being the gamer for the nerds out there. An example could be those that jailbroke their iphones before iphone apps even officially came out. we had gameboy emulator and FREE roms--as many as we wanted that worked PERFECTLY.

Is it time for guys to stop asking for the number?


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  • Girls need to do all the approaching now... girls are rude af


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