Is my "crush" interested? ?

Okay so I became friends with this guy at the beginning of this school year. One incident that happened is my friend told him I liked him and that I said he was cute. When she told him he smiled and then walked back to his class. (I don't really know what to think about that).
And then the other incident is I texted him and asked if he wanted to hang out and he said "Can't today but I can on the weekend if I have nothing else to do." ( I dont know how to interpret that either). Please help and give me some tips on keeping him interested/getting closer to him. Thanks!
Ps; note that I've never hung out with him, only talked to him at lunch a few times.


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  • seems pretty black and white to me, of course he smiled when he got told you said he was cute, whether he's interested in you or not it's always nice to be wanted. And as for the weekend thing that also seems straightforward, it means exactly what he said. I won't say guys never play games but in general we're not so subtle, unless he consistently leaves you high and dry I'd say you got a good chance. as for getting closer to him, keep asking him out as you're doing, just make it clear it'd be as a date. Makes any feelings pretty clear on both sides right away. If thats too awkward try a double date. after you've made it clear you like him the balls in his court. Just make sure you don't get led on


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