Regret losing the chance to date/sex girl?

I feel bad... An ex friend (girl) of mine has been dumped be her boyfriend.

She is really upset...

I feel bad because If I had stayed her friend, maybe I could have been there for her, dated and maybe she would have slept with me. I find her very attractive.

Would that have been wrong?

Am I right to regret it?

I ended the friendship because I liked her, and she was serious with this guy... It was hard to stay her friend. I don't think I can re enter her life now.


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  • That seems like an awful reason to stop being her friend. If it bothered you, you should've talked to her about it. Also, I agree, it's messed up to wanna take advantage of the situation. If you really liked her and hadn't said anything cuz she was dating then being there for her wouldn't be selfish, it would be kind because you'd actually care.

    • It was hard for me to stay friends, She had a serious boyfriend and I really liked her... I'm not the type of guy to go after a girl in a relationship, so we stopped being friends..

      I feel guilty though, I should have stayed strong and been her friend... I could have been there for her in these tough times and maybe she would have seen that I'm a good guy and we could have dated or something

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    • I was super friendly with her, and we chatted...

      I wanted to give her space, but she never really messaged me after that day...

    • That sounds friendly 😊 but you think she's still upset with you?

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  • Wow, that some pretty selfish stuff right there... you know you think about taking advantage of a friend when they are vulnerable. You say she broke up with someone and instead of being a genuine friend or hell... even. a human being by thinking that if you were a support stucture in her time of need that you can ultimately get sex from her... you lead a sad life my friend, that girl is better off without a gem like you around her.

    • So that is selfish and wrong?

      It was right of me to stop being her friend as she had a boyfriend and I wanted to repect their relationship.

    • You could just be her friend like you were doing... I don't see why because you couldn't have your way... you saw her a certain way but she didn't see you in the same. light, that's just how the world works... no need to just drop that person.

    • Okay I loved her, and it was super painful seeing her with another guy... Plus the way she was flirting with me, she is just flirty but it always hurt because I wanted more.

      I needed space

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