Why do some girls expect you to ask them for something even when their mind is made up already?

A week ago, I asked this girl to go with me to a party. The party is in a town 2 hours away from where we live. When Saturday comes and I'm driving to the thing we start texting. She asks casually if I'm planning to still go to the party. I said yeah and asked if she did. She's like "I don't know" and makes a bunch of small excuses. My reply is you should come since you already promised to be there. To my surprised, she replies right away "Yeah, I'll go." Later on, I found out someone else had convinced her to come to town. I feel she still wanted me to "beg" her to go even though she already knew she was coming. Why would she do that?


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  • It's reeeeeeeeeeaaaally common for me to make plans with someone and then feel sick or anxious or not happy with anything in my closet. So I'll message friends to check they're still going and have plans to see me so that I have the motivation to get ready and go out.

    • I think my thing is that she already knew she was coming to town (to a different party, though) and knew I was going to the party I invited her to. She could've just said she was coming with me as we had planned. I just feel she didn't need to text me saying she wasn't sure she was going when she had already changed her mind.

    • But she legit might not have know she was going to change her mind. Like it's lame but you don't know the exact timeline. Just the result.

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  • because everyone likes attention and everyone likes to be wanted. Doesn't make it better, to me that's still kind of immature bullshit, but if it's mostly harmless stuff like this it's not really a problem.
    so in general, yeah women tend to pull stuff like this because they want to feel wanted. more specific to your situation, that could mean she either wants YOU to want her there, or is just generally looking for attention

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