How to get a guy to acknowledge me (college)?

Ever since the first day of school I noticed this guy who is simply beautiful I love his face and his style like he's my type. I want to go beyond his looks and get to know him. We only have one class together THIS semester ( we see eachother once a week). Ok so our class is divided in two, the first part is a lecture with many people then the other part is in another classroom with less people. I once forgot in the beginning of the semester what was the number of that class so I asked him on the way there where was it again. (This was my first contact with him) Ever since that day when I come to class before him, there is like a million of free seats but he always analyzes the class and comes next to me. To add, when we go to the second part of the class he looks at where i'm seated, makes eye contact and comes either behind me or the desk across me. THE PROBLEM IS THAT HE ALWAYS COMES NEAR OR BESIDE ME BUT DOESN'T TALK TO ME, HE SEEMS SO CALM AND HE'S ALWAYS ON HIS CELL :( Today in the second part he asked me for a paper and that was our second contact. My question is
1. When we're both early in class and just sitting beside eachother what can I say to someone I just don't know? Like hi what is your name... Its an early class were tired and im intimidated lol
2. Is it weird if I chose to go sit beside him when there's plenty of other seats the next class, should I say goodmorning?:s
3. If he has a girlfriend how do I not make it seem like I want to jump his bone by talking to him and creep him out?
by the way im french sorry for the spelling


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  • 'hey, i'd like to get to know you better, do you want to go out for food/drinks, etc.' should do it, forward isn't creepy, whatever his reaction is it won't be 'fuck no' or anything. If that seems to awkward maybe something like 'hey, me and some friends are going to see a film, go to the beach, party, etc., you wanna come?' I know it's intimidating but the first conversations gotta start somewherre


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  • Step 1- say "hi"
    Step 2- talk to him

    It's not that hard

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  • I hope no man ever acknowledges you...

    it's best to stay away from women


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