Girl keeps messaging me on Facebook?

So there's this girl who I barely know that keeps messaging me on Facebook & I don't know what to say, we had like a really long conversation about some things about school and work and I said I was looking for a boyfriend and she said she was too, and I told her I was temporarily gay and I made her laugh, then she told me she's been single for about a year. I thought the conversation would end there but she messaged me after she got off work yesterday that read "hey sorry, I just got off work" and I haven't replied to her since, I mean like dude, what does she want? Not like I want her to stop messaging me, I actually kind of have like her but why is she messaging me when she doesn't know me? & before you say anything, I had her as a classmate but that was a long time ago, she's like 19 now and I'm 17, so like should I keep talking to her or should I just leave her?


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  • Why don't you ask her what her end game is? If she doesn't know then she's just probably trying to get to know you and you need to stop taking everything so serious and just go with the flow, if you enjoy talking to her, talk to her man! If you don't, just tell her. You don't have to determine any feelings just because you two started talking. See where life takes you.


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  • She prolly likes you man.
    It's up to you want you wanna do with it.

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