What should I do about this guys behaviour towards me?

I was talking to a guy on here for about a week or so consistently and we hit it off really well, we were both interested in each other. So he asked for my kik and we started talking on there. Anyway; went to bed and woke up the next morning with 5 long messages and he asked 3 questions on here about me asking if over texting would make you lose interest.
I got abit overwhelmed with all the messages and he kept asking questions like "Am I attractive?", "Are you talking to other guys?" "Are you losing interest?" . Told him he was being too clingy, desperate and I didn't have interest in him. He couldnt let me go but now his trying to make me interested in him again and keeps asking if my feelings are changing for him! Not only that but he wants to see me but I live half way across the world and he wanted me to go where he is but told him it would be 5 or 6 years before I could travel and he said he can wait that long! He said if I can't make it at all he would come here LOL!

What the fk do I do?


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  • quite a creepy guy i think, if you don't like him and don't wanna talk to him just block him..


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