Can Aspergers Guys on Welfare Get Laid?

From what I've been reading online[you type in how to get laid into google and it come's up with reason why women don't like unemployed normal guys, much less autistic ones.] it seems that women of all kind, and I ALL KINDs, seem to only like guys with boring political and business jobs who drive Aston Martins, and not student mechanic guys with aspergers on welfare with a 250cc cbr250.

I have tried my best to find a woman who genuinely sleep with me and not make me spend hundreds on her beforehand. I've had to pay for sex and it's all I get. PLEASE HELP! I really feel like hanging myself for being so beta


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  • I'd date someone with aspergers if that specific person was kind of empathic, but I'd want them to have a good job. I mean we're high functioning people with specified interests; I don't think a good job would be hard to train for. And, can't mechanics make good money?

    • My "specified interests" don't seem to be ones I can monetize, so not all of us can actually harness our condition into employability in that way. At least I found a job that I could do with nothing more than a HS diploma and did not require more experience than I had (NONE).

    • Well like I said being a mechanic is a decent job and there's plenty of room to move up. So what 'interests' do you have?

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  • Unusal circumstances are probably the only way. That's how it happened for me. I was an unemployed Aspie on SSI when I got laid twice in 2015, only because one of my female friends who has a boyfriend decided to cheat on her man with me. Had she not, I would still be a virgin today. But due to the history we made that I've discussed in other threads, I knew it would be important to become employed to attract someone new, so I did.

  • cue the "look for a real woman" comments