What was the best SO you had like, and what was the worst SO you had like?

What did you like or dislike about both of them?


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  • My worst SO was the first one I ever dated back in 2003. She had a conservator who constantly interfered with our relationship. I couldn't even talk to her when she was "grounded" at the age of 22? F*** that! We went out together just a couple of times with her brother being our driver because she didn't wanna get to where we could get on the buses together. She was legally blind so couldn't drive.

    My best SO I ever had was X#2 in 2015. The way she sounded when she said "yes" or "I love you" was so romantic & sexy. She was easy to be around until I started expressing that her secrecy was really starting to bother me. She said that in itself hurt her. Relationships are not supposed to make you feel like you're on house arrest, but she didn't want me leaving my home without her unless I was seeing a doctor/therapist or buying food. That made me feel like I was on house arrest and I became defensive.

    If we're really supposed to make decisions together we need to stop texting for hours and TALK goddammit! But NO. She had to hide our relationship from her parents with whom she lives, so we could NEVER talk on the phone unless she was in the car alone. That SUCKED!


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  • That's a big question and should be split into two..


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