Say your other half has broken up with you because they're not happy anymore in the relationship. How do you handle it?

really the person is not happy with themselves and are in a state where they are just not happy in life.
said you were their best and everything.

what do you do just give them time or what?


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  • I let them go. Real misery is being in a relationship when one or more of the people feel trapped.
    Move on, there is more out there to be had.


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  • Move on, find someone else ASAP for your own sanity.


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  • Happened to me 2 years ago with my ex. It was exactly like that. It was the most painful thing I ever experienced, but I had no other choice then to let him go and move on. Just knowing that even though you're their best and everything, even though you gave your everything to make that person happy, but couldn't... hurts A LOT. I really loved him and I knew my ultimate prove for that love was to let him be happy without me. I loved both of us enough to know that it's for the best to walk away and never look back. And that's exactly how it went. We never saw each other or talked again.

    • Was he just in like a bad place or what? What ultimately was he not happy with?

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    • Stop being so pathetic and forget about this girl. Sorry but she is a jerk. She's shamelessly using your feelings and doesn't give a shit about you. If there's anything worst then breakup than that's leading someone on after it. It should be considered a crime, I'm serious. Get away from her ASAP! You can thank me later.

    • She doesn't love you. The only thing she was forcing is to be with you because you're good to her. She is a moron. My ex is a moron also. The world is full of these morons! Don't let them drag you down in their low morals and idiotic actions, you are way better then this. YOU ARE. One day when you get over her you will look at this as one big lesson and you will learn to recognize people like her in a blink of an eye. And that will lead you to the right person. Don't worry, everything will be okay. Just walk away from this PLEASE.

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