What are we talk tips?

I've been seeing a guy for a month and a half and know we both really like each other. he's said How he enjoys spending time with me etc. How do I bring up the what are we talk? I want to do it in person but how can I make it less awkward so he doesn't feel pressured. I like how things are but just want to be sure we're on the same page


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  • Talk about his hobbies your hobbies..
    I don't talk much so when I talk to my guy i usually talk to him ask him about his hobbies, his work, politics.. lol those are his interests keep him talking lol
    Then I just be a good listener let him talk make some comments here and there.. i don't know how close you two are but when there's nothing else really to say I cuddle with him watch tv give him baby kisses and just be playful. If there's any awkward moment usually I just smile or look into his eyes with flirty naughty face lol that makes my guy smiles and laugh. I'm sure he feels pressure what to talk about too just go with the flow get comfortable.