If you fall in love and she/him also loves you, how often do you message/call her/him?

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  • Uh. I don't know if this is a trick question lol. I would personally say you know how much you should text them I guess. Like you know when you're doing it to much and when you aren't doing it enough if that makes sense.

  • in my opinion that shows affection both ways. Unfortunately, the girl that was supposed to be my girlfriend for two years won't message me unless I message her. Ever! I'm not messaging this time till she messages me but as of now it's over. Well it's over regardless.

    Back to your question now that I ranted lol. If a person doesn't message you at least weekly they don't really love you or love you that much. Or even worse, they could be in love with somebody else.

    • what if it's the beginning of the dating, we like each other really much, but when comes to text, if I start to do it, we're going to text for the whole day, he sometimes also starts, but why I feel that we're waiting for each other to initiate, nobody wants to initiate. Is it normal?

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    • what do you mean by "However if he doesn't take note of it. Maybe even bring it to his attention."?

    • That potentially could be a red flag. He could be a player. Bring the fact that he never text first to his attention.

What Girls Said 1

  • whenever ı feel like