Girls, I'm 27 year old male who "never" had a girlfriend. Any suggestions on how to approach the opposite sex?


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  • Hey there is no need to worry. Just stop thinking that you've never had a girlfriend and chill out. put yourself out there and have fun. don't get too desperate though. Just be casual and talk to ladies with a lot of confidence and casually. make good girl friends and be charming and funny. focus on work and become successful so that women see you're ambitious. that's an attractive factor. pull yourself together and get your confidence game on and go out there.

    • Thanks for the advice. May I ask a follow up question?

  • I'm not gonna lie to you, at this age I would probably give up. Most women your age just don't have the time for the whole first kiss, virginity, lack of experience thing anymore. Unless you find someone in the same situation, I guess it's be pretty hard for you to get any kind of action. Sorry.

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