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Ok one of my highschool found me on myspace, We talked about for a hr that night. he told me I was pretty, told me he liked me, and told me if things didn't work out with this girl if I would ever date him I told him yes. so I gave him my number and he gave me his, he called me once but he said he only did cause he was drunk? This was 3days after I gave him my number, he rote me last night after 4 day of not talking, so I rote him back and he asked me who this was. How could he forget that fast I was just texting him the other day. I just can't figure him out

I rote this the other day but decided to re-wright it cause people didn't really understand my question.

And no he isn't dating he told me he would like to date but he is trying to hook up with someone, and if it didn't work out if I would date him. He even asked when he came home if we could hang out, and do a date thing.


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  • I'm sorry to say but if your not his first priority then he isn't worth it. I've been in a similar situation like you, the guy I use to like would always go after me if he didn't have anybody else. He even told me that he only liked me because he didn't want to feel alone but as soon as a new girl steps in, its over. How could this guy already have known that he liked you when you guys only talked only once online? what about in highschool, did he like you then?seriously.

    He obviously doesn't even care if he can easily forget you and only called you on accident. So just lose him he isn't worth it. Trust me on this one because you are not the only one. I know you can do better and don't let men walk all over you like that. There are plenty of other guys that will only have YOU on his mind ._.


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  • Fallen explained it perfectly. In one sentence, "He's not worth your time!"

  • He could be playing games or something too - like because of being shy or something. Maybe he only called you when he was drunk because it was the only way he could get the nerve to do it. I have felt the same way about a girl that I like and have never asked her out except when I was drunk! It was because I am too shy around her to ask! :)

    • Why be drunk? So what he is shy I am too, but I wouldn't hide myself to talk with someone.

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    • Got a question though this morning he rote me and asked for my addresses? I'm waiting for a response back from him. But why would a guy what that. I live in vt and he is in Nc, I would say wright but we can do that on myspace and text

    • It sounds like he is interested in checking you out if he is in the area

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