How to approach this girl?

So long story short my situation is this.

I have a girl friend on facebook that we dont know each other and we never spoke before.
This girl has a friend, that friend of her.. how to say it.. i'm instrested.

It would be easier if i knew the first girl so i could ask her to set up a hangout so i we can meet her friend but i dont so here comes the problem.

How to get her attention?
My opions are these:
A) Add her on facebook and start a conversation and later ask her out (even with friend for start)
B) sent her friend a message and tell her that i'm intrested in her friend and if she can help out

ps:she has a lot of friends 300-350 likes on each photo so probably she has a lot of friend request and i'm afraid she will ignore it or even not notice it.
How to approach this girl?
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