What are some good free date ideas?

I don't have much money to spare right now, but I really want her to be happy. I don't mind spending all my spare time I have making something for her or preparing for this date. I am not trying to be one of those cheap people at all, if there is no way without money to do this I am willing to sell things; but I don't want to come to that. Does money really matter to make someone happy anyway? Honestly, if I make her smile at least once it would mean the world to me. Also this is our first date and my first date ever, so I want it to feel special. Any ideas?


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  • Id say just do something simple like taking a walk, hanging out at your/her house or watch a movie at home. Since it is your first date I dont think you should do something big. Keep it simple and make sure you have time to get to know eachother :)

    • Since we have already got to know each other, should it be a little bigger than that?

  • Take a walk through a park or beach and watch the sunset together. 💕


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