Why would someone lie about having a boyfriend/girlfriend?

This seems to happen quite a bit to people. Like these 2 girls were talking, and I was sitting away from them, and i dont think that they saw me, and the one girl asks the other "how's your boyfriend" and there was a long pause, and the other girl says "we're good", and then asks how's your non-boyfriend to the other girl, because she was single. But then a couple days of days later, i saw someone said to the girl that was supposedly going out with someone, that she would go out with her if she was a guy, implying that she is single. What was that about? I didn't ask or anything, but from all signs she didn't and doesn't have a boyfriend. But I hear stories about a lot girls telling guys that they are talking or going out with someone. All I have to say is if you're not, why not just be honest and say you don't like them like that. You could still be friends. Yeah, but anyway why do you think those two girls were talking about a boyfriend? I'm fine with them, I actually have a crush on one of them lmao, and I think she may like me too, because she shows me some clear signs, but I don't show any signs of liking her, and I only told my close friends that I like her, and they didn't tell, so idk?

  • they might have saw me and wanted to make me jealous, and other people lie about being with someone to not hurt your feelings.
  • they might have saw me and wanted to make me jealous, and other people lie about being with someone to make that person jealous
  • you might have heard something wrong I don't know, and I don't know why other people lie about being with someone
  • they might have been fucking around, and other people lie about being with someone because they think they're with them
  • other (please express your opinion on both if you don't think it is one of those four answers
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  • Girls lie for many reasons, and its the same as with some guys as well:

    1. Because they may be embarrassed
    2. The other person may judge who their with
    3. Gossiping and rumors
    4. They want to try to fit in
    5. People may look at them differently/abnormally
    6. To make others jealous
    7. To stop unwanted pursuers

    But for your situation. You may need to try and communicate with her instead of trying to give each other mixed signals. If she does then she does, but if you do as well, it won't mean anything if neither of you take that step. It be nothing more than a crush.

    • Another good indicator is if they are looking to cheat as well. Or is really nervous.

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  • they wouldn't want to draw attention to themselves


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  • I usually say that when I want some persistent dude to gtfo lol

  • If they were cheating on them


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