Am I too picky when it comes to guys?

I've been wondering if I'm being too picky lately. So I'm just curious as to what people think based on my general list of "Deal breakers". To me, they seem pretty reasonable (they're mostly things that are either unattractive to me, or things that would majorly clash with my life). But I've been told I'm picky before. I really don't want to come across as shallow or rude, I don't consider myself shallow by any means, but this is just me being honest. So here's my list, let me know if you think this list makes me picky. Opinions welcome!

-Taller than me (I'm 5'5'' - So Anyone at least a couple inches taller is good to go for me, I don't need 6 ft or anything)

-Non-smoker (Very important - huge deal breaker)

-In Shape/Takes care of himself (I'm not saying hugely buff or a 6 pack here - I just want someone that generally is in Shape and looks like they put even a bit of effort into taking care of themselves, because I make that effort on my end)

-Hair on their head, but little to no beard/moustache (not that their not good looking or anything - just a personal preference)

-Generally liberal/tolerant views (no anti-gay, racist, misogyny, pro-life, etc)

-Not a player or "Fuckboy", actually looking for a monogamous relationship

-Will not make me partake in outdoorsy or sports-like activities (just won't happen, I'm not that girl)

-Likes animals (For their sake, mostly. I have 2 dogs, a cat and a bird - if they don't like animals they'd probably suffer at my place)

-Get along well, easy to talk together

Thanks for the help everyone! I just want some third party opinions on this to get an outside view on this. :)
Am I too picky when it comes to guys?
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