How to make facetiming with my new boyfriend less awkward?

I'm a very reserved introverted person. Although I'm a really good conversationalist when I feel comfortable, but I turn into an awkard potato when I'm in certain situations. I recently started going out with a guy that I had met 2 months ago. The thing is, we're total opposites. I'm quiet, he's loud. I'm shy, and he's outgoing. I like my personal time and space, and he likes to be very close. I don't really mind though because I like him and usually he makes sure that I'm comfortable around him. I have a strong dislike for talking on the phone and especially facetime. I hate talking over the phone and I hate looking at pictures of myself so facetime is my own personal hell. However, when we're apart he loves to try and facetime me. Although I usually answer, I usually keep my face out of view and don't really say much. It's jusy super awkward for me and it makes having a conversation difficult for the both of us. Any suggestions.


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