How to initiate a closer friendship before making any possible moves if I feel like it's okay to?

There's a boy I'm friends with. We had a class and sat together last school year but this year we don't have any classes together and we are both bummed about that.
Just before school started we were talking about schedules and we both wanted to be able to have classes together but it didn't work out.
Our current relationship is an interesting one because we don't talk much about the super private things in our life but we know about our day to day occurrences and school stresses. Our friendship has always mostly based on sassing each other and joking around but we don't get to much anymore because of our schedules.
He said 'we should hang out sometimes with other people' but I want more to hang out alone just so we can get to know one another. A few weeks ago I asked if we could hang out together but he said he couldn't. I wasn't sure if he really couldn't or he just didn't want to.
Basically what I want to know is how he and I can get closer and talk more. Our main basis of communicating is through Snapchat and if I run into him in the halls. How can I initiate something just to make our friendship closer before I move on to seeing if he has any interest me because I do really like him.


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  • I like the way that your thinking but for right now you two will have to hang out outside of school. He most likely could not hang out for several reasons. Try to hang out with him again. See if you two can meet up and just have fun together. If you want to start something more than just a freindship your going to have to stick your neck out a bit. Offer up something more personal but not TMI. Start hinting that you two might become more. So he will pick up on that over time and accept it.
    Good luck with things.


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  • He probably thinks that you're going to hit on him if you're just the two of you and he's not interested in something like that. Or he is not comfortable hanging out with you alone. Maybe he feels more relaxed when he's out with the whole group.
    Anyway, try to talk to him more. Get to know him better even when you're in a group environment.

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