Can anyone help me understand my ex boyfriends actions?

SO me and this guy dated for 4 years and broke up about 4 months ago. Did not have a bad break up at all. We just needed some time apart. We ran into each other another a month ago after very little contact for 3 months. When we saw each other we reconnected instantly, sat and talked for 2.5 hours. Then the following weekend I ran into him tailgating. I was drinking and he brought me home and stayed the night.
We stayed in contact a good little bit from then and went to lunch about a week after tailgating. I went back to his house and hungout after lunch and left right after dinner. He continued to text me everyday, he even drunk texted me, and was very flirty. Seemed so normal, just sending pictures of our food and new favorite songs. Last week I was leaving campus and I hear my name across the parking lot, it was my ex. We talked for a little bit and we're both stressed with school so he asked me to go get a beer with him. One beer ends up being 4 hours later. When we were leaving he kissed me and asked me stay with him, instead of commuting 45 minutes home after drinking. We get in the car and he turned on "our song" and we sang it together then after he kept staring at me so I asked him "why are you looking at me like that?" And he said "because you're just so beautiful"
He continued to text me everyday until yesterday. He didn't text me back nor did he text me today.

We never talked about "us" or anything but things seemed very good. I still love him and he would be crazy to not know that.

So I am very confused as to what he is doing here. I can't lie, it has me feeling very upset and like I'm going through the break up all over again. So any pointers would be good here or just any hint to what he is doing/thinking


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  • It's obvious he wants you back and it's obvious you want him back as well so why not just get back together? You two had your time apart and it has shown you that the fire is still there and you can't deny it or avoid it.


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  • Well, im guessing that he is as confused as you are. When you say "he would be crazy to not know that" it looks to me like he is doing most of the talking and initiating without you doing or saying all that much. You wanna get to the bottom of it? Ring him up and talk to him, tell him how you feel cause it seems pretty clear to me that he still likes you.

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