Is she even worth it anymore? Is it time to give up?

For the past year, I've been through hell. For one, my old crush of 3.5 years was ignoring me; and I ended up ignoring her back - but she ended up giving me these sad looks and I felt bad for what I did, so I asked my friend (who's a girl). She asks me if I like her, I said yes, and she begins ignoring me too. So now I have my crush and my good friend ignoring me.

My friend changes her behavior to me completely too. Last year, she was quite loud and was a tease to me. But I didn't think anything of it because she was like that to my other friend too. Then she became shy and occasionally teased me and playfully poked me but I could tell I somehow damaged our relationship.

But then suddenly I lost feelings for my old crush; and they formed for her. But the thing was, I just rejected her like 1 month ago. But I felt the need to tell my friends, who, without my permission, told her. She was psyched, but when she confronted me, due to my nervousness, I just said "I don't know," and thus began the cycle of ignoring me again. Only it was worse - no more playfully poking me, teasing me, and just walking by me like I was a ghost. I just ignored her back as a justification. But she kept telling my friend I keep sending her mixed signals by ignoring her. But I figured we weren't going anywhere, so I just told her we should talk. We did, and we both agreed with each other that we like one another, and that we should be friends and see what happens. But next day, ignored again - only get these "sad stares." But then on Monday, I sat diagonally from her, and she tries to make me jealous by talking to everyone but me. Then when she needs help, she asks my friend for help but at the same time gives me this stare that just looked sad but blank at the same time.

It got me really frustrated that she talks to everyone but me and instead I just get these "sad stares" - she already knows I like her. I'm just curious if it's time to give up or if I should keep on trying.
Yes, still try; don't give up.
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Is she even worth it anymore? Is it time to give up?
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