Girl at restaurant keeps touching my hand. What to do?

So i get wings from this one place. And every time this girl sees me her face lights up with a huge smile. she's really cute, like 5ft brown hair and slim body with a pretty face (sorry no pics, im not on social media). We try to talk to each other but its so hard because we have no friends in common. But literally everytime i go, she makes an effort to touch me. Like i grab one side of the box that she's handing to me, and she'll slide it so my hands are under hers.

I bet she flicks the bean to it lmao. she's hawt tho, would bang if i knew how to ask her out.

Bump. Im autist n need help cause autism


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  • Ask her out on the sly by asking if she wants to hang out.. Pick a place beforehand so you know how to lead the conversation.

  • Well It is clear that she is interested in you and quite the extrovert as you described. as you stated you find her hot so why not ask her out and get to know her better? you seem to have nothing to lose she is clearly interested in you.

    • Yeah she's constantly smiling and laughing. Its not that easy. This happens to me everywhere i go but this sloot actually makes me nervous. I might actually be into her instead of just wanting to bang.

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    • This behavior is so common to me. So when i dont ask her out im rejecting her? Thats crazy lmao

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