Girl is making me jealous?

So I was reading up on how girls make a guy jealous...

This crush/girl/friend of mine keeps doing this to me.

I am really not sure what I did to her...

I really liked her, but she had a boyfriend so I slowly stopped talking to her... Not completely, but less than before.

But now she keeps playing games, she flirts with other guys in front of me, changed her appearance, talks about having great weekends, but never anything in detail... Makes eye contact, just does weird things like that.

It really hurts, I think she might be mad because I stopped giving her attention (or she might have actually liked me)

I act like it doesn't phase me, but it's really killing me inside... Her plan is working, and I'm actually crying.

I really love her, and I just don't know what to do.

I'm thinking about talking to her, or at least trying to see what happened? I really regret not telling her how I felt... but she was in a relationship... But I hear she is single now.


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  • She has demonstrated that she flirts a lot, is an attention seeker, plays games, uses other guys to make you feel jealous, dresses for attention and messes with your head and you are wondering if she is avaliable?

    She has shown you who she is, now its your turn to act on that information in a logical way. if that were me, I'd stay away forever.

    • I know I should man, logically she is horrible...

      But for some reason I love her.

      I really need help on this, maybe my self-respect is low, or I feel like everything will be okay if I'm with her...

      Logic vs Love in my brain.

      Why would you stay away and stuff? Maybe I need examples?

    • You are confusing lust and infatuation, with love. In life, I stay away from anyone that is not good for me, it's as simple as that.

      Instead of focusing on her, you should start to focus on yourself, self esteem, the relationship you have with yourself and your self respect.

      Personally, I'd simply disregard her and acquire gains... working out to build up the body and health, learning, to build up the mind, and discovering your life purpose. You are trying to fill a void.

    • Well said.

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  • 1 is she over her boyfreind? She might just be messing around to get his attention
    2 does she know that you like her
    3 So ask her out mate

    I kind of have that same problem with my female freind that I have been flirting with but I have not managed to ask her out yet. However she does know that I like her so there is a reason to why she might act that way. With your girl she might just be cutting loose after being in a relationship.

    • She was doing this while she was in a relationship, I don't think she is over him... Pretty sure she knows I like her and I don't think she likes n

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    • I know it does and it hurts like hell but she is not doing it to get your attention she is just doing it for attention.

    • Thats is true, she's just like that... but it still bothers me :(

  • Dude ask her out

    • I don't think she wants to date me

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    • How do I not let it get to me?

    • Ignore it

  • If she has a boyfriend, and she's playing games with another guy, then you don't want to be with her.

    • Can you tell me why? I'm really blinded by love.

    • Girls like that crave attention. They'll do anything for it, including, as you've experienced, toying with someone's emotions.
      Even if she were to break up with her boyfriend and date you, she would probably do the same thing - flirt with another guy just to make someone else jealous. Trust me, avoid her at all costs.

    • Thank you, I will :) She will play with a lot of peoples feelings