Should I move on?

I've been talking to this guy on and off for about a year and he's shown consistent interest in me whereas I kinda flip flopped between liking him or thinking we should just be friends, however we never talked about our intentions until recently. As we talked more and I got to know him better, I found myself gradually liking him. We hung out recently and he was holding my hand and had his arm around me, giving me insane butterflies and I realized I like him a lot. Later that evening I confessed to him and he said he likes me a lot too however he also likes another girl and told me he wants to wait so he can be sure that he really wants to be with me. He wants to maintain our friensship and see if later on we still have feelings and that he's sure about us. I really want to wait for him however I don't want him to think I can be rebound or something if things don't work with the other girl. What to do?


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