Am I psyching myself out?

Well after a while, I finally got the chance to ask a girl for her number. While getting her number I indicated to her that I would like to take her out. Then while I was there talking to her and so forth, one of her friends came by and they were talking for a little bit (so I waited). I asked her if she would be free anytime soon, but she was trying to tell me that she wouldn't. It just seems like it is going to end up with me chasing my tail, based on that interaction. I know that nothing has really happened yet, other than me getting her number. Yet it really seems like previous experiences that have happened to me. I feel like that I am going to end up on the losing end again, just wondering if I should even bother her and try. So far she hasn't said no to anything outright, just that she doesn't know if she will be free due to being busy. We both would be busy, but I would at least try and make the time. Looking on advice.
Am I psyching myself out?
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