A girl has said she wants to be just friends but admits that she likes you, and when you hang out she seems like she may have changed her mind?

So a woman I was seeing told me that she has feelings for me, but certain traumatic experiences in her life make her believe she shouldn't be dating anyone. Whenever we hang out, I can tell that she still has feelings for me. She told me today that she is feeling a lot better about her trauma lately, but also lambasted a mutual friend with which she has had no feelings for for hitting on her because she was under the impression that they were just friends. Should I respect the boundaries she has set and let her make the first move beyond mild flirting, or should I take initiative and make a move myself?

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  • You should walk away. Never allow yourself to be Friendzoned, especially with what sounds like a headcase.

  • Make a move...
    On someone else. Preferably within her presence. That way she'll take a harsh good lesson that guys won't fuck around with girls like her.