Which of the following best defines a relationship for you? Passion? Or Trust?

Which attributes do you care for in a relationship?

Care and Trust
Sex and Fun
The Middle Ground

Ironically, the middle ground, I think, is one of the hardest to have, since having just enough of everything is pretty much, well, ideal. :p

Anyway, I'm facing a tough issue. I have a nice, likeable girlfriend who ticks all the boxes for "Care and Trust" and "Soulmate". But I've a slight nagging regret that I had been too eager to commit, so I'm now tied down by my "Promise" to her.

So now when I see other prettier, more outgoing/adventurous/fun, more capable girls out there, my feelings get a bit complicated. Especially when I manage to get along quite well with them.

Thus far though, I've kept my distance with other girls as good friends, and occasionally name-drop my girlfriend in conversations. I sometimes also egg the other girls to get hitched too, which I privately thought will help me to not get distracted by all the eligible single ladies. :p
Care and Trust - A relationship based on mutual trust, concern, and understanding
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Sex and Fun - A passionate, sexually charged and exhilarating adventure together
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Promise - A steadfast promise to always go through thick and thin together, even though your partner nor the relationship is not the best
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Soulmate - A like-minded partner who shares the same personality, tastes, hobbies, goals as you
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The Middle Ground - A good-looking, dependable, trustable partner who you can get along with, more or less
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Which of the following best defines a relationship for you? Passion? Or Trust?
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