Which of the following best defines a relationship for you? Passion? Or Trust?

Which attributes do you care for in a relationship?

Care and Trust
Sex and Fun
The Middle Ground

Ironically, the middle ground, I think, is one of the hardest to have, since having just enough of everything is pretty much, well, ideal. :p

Anyway, I'm facing a tough issue. I have a nice, likeable girlfriend who ticks all the boxes for "Care and Trust" and "Soulmate". But I've a slight nagging regret that I had been too eager to commit, so I'm now tied down by my "Promise" to her.

So now when I see other prettier, more outgoing/adventurous/fun, more capable girls out there, my feelings get a bit complicated. Especially when I manage to get along quite well with them.

Thus far though, I've kept my distance with other girls as good friends, and occasionally name-drop my girlfriend in conversations. I sometimes also egg the other girls to get hitched too, which I privately thought will help me to not get distracted by all the eligible single ladies. :p

  • Care and Trust - A relationship based on mutual trust, concern, and understanding
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  • Sex and Fun - A passionate, sexually charged and exhilarating adventure together
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  • Promise - A steadfast promise to always go through thick and thin together, even though your partner nor the relationship is not the best
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  • Soulmate - A like-minded partner who shares the same personality, tastes, hobbies, goals as you
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  • The Middle Ground - A good-looking, dependable, trustable partner who you can get along with, more or less
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What Girls Said 2

  • I care for having all of the attributes you listed above while I'm in a relationship.

    I've never understood when people say they regret settling down, and always wondered if they would've been happier with someone more attractive/fit/better educated, etc.. I mean.. I get that some guys may have a better body than my boyfriend, or be more understanding in certain circumstances, but I mean... they're not my boyfriend. I've never been able to make a comparison to my boyfriend independent of him in the context of our relationship, if that makes sense?
    (so.. I wouldn't remain in the relationship if it didn't include sex, fun, passion, care, and trust. Would I dump my boyfriend for someone who's better looking and/or more trustworthy? No. It's not that simple.)

    • If I get you, it's that there's not really a way to understand someone as much as you would your boyfriend, unless you were in a relationship with that person, hence it's not possible to compare at all?

    • yeah, pretty much.
      I mean- some guys could be more attractive by society's standards. Have better job potential, and more seemingly compatible in respect to personality and such. However, who you're more compatible with isn't an objective type of thing like that. There is no universal scale of attractiveness, personalities that 'click better', etc.. There are just so many variables that are constantly changing that you'll never know who you truly vibe better with until you're actually with them. At which point, if you're happy with what you have, why bother changing it?

  • For me soulmate, care and trust.


What Guys Said 1

  • I don't think of it as the middle ground because I would not compromise on having love, trust, and respect in a relationship.

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