Guys, Could someone pls teach me how to freakin ask a guy out?

This is kind of continued from a previous question of mine.
I don't usually ask people out and I clearly shouldn't because I SUCK AT IT.
The first time, I asked him after a Halloween party last Friday if he wanted to "go bar hopping" along with some other classmates, but he said he was tired and wanted to go home, so I ended up not going out at all - but, he actually offered to drive me home, so the situation didn't turn out that bad.
The second time, on Saturday, I was super indirect and asked him if he was "free to hang out" through SNAPCHAT, at like 7am, and he said he had plans - and I know he really did because he took snaps. Anyway, who asks someone out through Snapchat? At 7am? I am SO STUPID.
Today, I asked him when (Fri, Sat, or Sun) he's going to the extra credit event for our class because I was planning on going on the same day as him, but he says he's not taking the class for credit so he's not going plus he's busy.
I feel like if I ask him anymore times I'll seem clingy... Should I wait a few weeks before I make my next attempt? And HOW do I ask him on a date without mentioning the word "date"?
Guys, Could someone pls teach me how to freakin ask a guy out?
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