Guys, Could someone pls teach me how to freakin ask a guy out?

This is kind of continued from a previous question of mine.
I don't usually ask people out and I clearly shouldn't because I SUCK AT IT.
The first time, I asked him after a Halloween party last Friday if he wanted to "go bar hopping" along with some other classmates, but he said he was tired and wanted to go home, so I ended up not going out at all - but, he actually offered to drive me home, so the situation didn't turn out that bad.
The second time, on Saturday, I was super indirect and asked him if he was "free to hang out" through SNAPCHAT, at like 7am, and he said he had plans - and I know he really did because he took snaps. Anyway, who asks someone out through Snapchat? At 7am? I am SO STUPID.
Today, I asked him when (Fri, Sat, or Sun) he's going to the extra credit event for our class because I was planning on going on the same day as him, but he says he's not taking the class for credit so he's not going plus he's busy.
I feel like if I ask him anymore times I'll seem clingy... Should I wait a few weeks before I make my next attempt? And HOW do I ask him on a date without mentioning the word "date"?


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  • Yeah I definitely agree that you need to actually mention the word "date" It seems like he's just thinking you are trying to get him involved with school stuff, or friend things. You don't have to specifically get him to ask you out, but I do think its a damn good way to put it as guy532 mentioned. "hey I'm free on Friday if you want to take me out on a date"

    Just realize guys aren't used to a girl trying to ask them out because it doesn't happen too often so the subtleties you're implying are most likely flying right over his dumb ass head. You need to throw the date word in there so he gets it.

    I do the same thing, I don't want there to be any sort of misunderstanding what "hanging out" is going to entail. "hey I'm going to take you out next week when are free" In your case you should flip that to "hey you're taking me out next week when are you free" lol. Direct is the only way to go at this point, he's not getting it, or he's not interested. However in the direct situation you will know for sure so you can stop giving him your time.

  • You say you're asking him out yet I don't see you asking him out at all. You're not being direct and he probably thinks that you might like him or you're just being friendly and nothing more. You need to actually ask him out. Something like this: "hey I just wanted to let you know that I'm free this Friday night if you're i terested in taking me out on a date". Bam, he's not going to misinterpret that.

    • That directly? :0 :0 :0 Ok... I'll try...

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    • Technically you're asking him out but just giving him the illusion of him asking you out. If you don't like that style just ask him out directly "hey, are you free next frieday? I was wondering if we could go on a date?"

    • Ohh Ok, i thinkk I get what you mean.

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