Is this girl ghosting me?

TLDR: I met a girl on Saturday, we made plans to hang out the next day. Her ex dropped her kid off early so she had to cancel and wanted to do something this Thursday. I was fine with this, I'm a busy dude. I didn't know she had a kid, but that doesn't bother me. So basically all day Sunday, and all day Monday she was texting me like crazy, we were going back and forth talking about all sorts of things. She had to take her kid out trick or treating on Monday. I texted her that night to see how things were going with no response. No big deal she's probably busy. No text from her today so I shot her a quick message around 6 and no response. Should I be worried about this as much as I am lol? I already sent 2 messages with no reply so I can't send anymore.

--A little backstory. We hung out a couple hours on Saturday and really hit it off, I dig her a lot. She started sending me selfies with her kid, and telling me about her Halloween costume all things that lead me to think that she would probably not do that to someone she wasn't planning on talking to. I would think she would not want me to know that stuff about her kid if she wasn't somewhat serious. All our texts were really fun, she was asking a lot about me taking interest and I was giving it right back. It was all flowing and never anything dumb and boring. I'm so confused (typical I know) I just can't help but wonder, oh maybe my phone is fucked up. I've had people tell me a couple times that they've texted me and I never got one. Then I wonder if she is texting me back, and I should try calling. On the same token I don't want to call if she's trying to blow me off.. god why does this shit have to be complicated.


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  • Dont think so much on it, she has a kid so she could be busy , she talked to you about her kid and seems to be interested, maybe give it like another day or 2 and if she still hasn't then you cpuld try calling if u want to make sure it wasn't you phone

    • I am certainly trying not to overthink things. I honestly have no clue, it just seems so weird for her to drop off the face of the planet after we have been talking like crazy. She is usually the one texting me in the morning to have a good day, or ask how my day is going etc. We have plans for Thursday, but nothing specific yet.

      I suppose all I can do is just see what happens. Judging on how she seems to initiate contact as much as I do I would hope she would text me asking wtf is going on if she has been texting me and my phone isn't working. I doubt it's my phone though, I think I'm just trying to rationalize.

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    • Yeah this is so strange and lame, I don't really understand what is going on. I was expecting to wake up to a text from her today, and still no response.

    • That sucks , hope something changes and it works out amd if it doesn't there will be other girls

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  • Wow this is strange.. It sounds like she's really into you. I wonder if she lost her phone or something? I don't know what I would do at this point, you already texted her twice, but like someone mentioned. If she's showing that much interest I think she owes you some kind of explanation. Maybe if you don't hear from here today try calling?

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