What are the odds your 2nd or 3nd bf/gf will be your last?

By last i meam the person you will marry aka the persom u grow old with. I honestly think its highly unlike people broke up for so many dumb reason'.. add on too the fact people move on in a blink of a eye. I also known people change in time, fall oit of love or wanna see what its like having sex with other people or wanna date around. I personality knowm a few girls or evem guys who dumped a lomg term bf/gf just to see what sex is like with other people. Anyway what do u think? am kust wounding becuase i been dating my girlfriend for almost 6 months now and we haven't had 1 major fight yet at all.. we just annoy each other from time to time. She head of heels in love with me and i got strong as feels for her very close to the feeling of being in love.


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  • Well my second boyfriend is now my husband. :)

    • So it is very possible then?

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    • Been with him six years, lived together for five of those years and got married this year.

    • O wow happy to hear

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  • 6 months? Thats literally nothing. I was with my ex for 10 years, she was my I have no idea which number girlfriend, and we got a long fine didn't fight, but it was fucking boring as hell and she was crazy (like actually crazy not just saying) .. Just live it up, and don't worry about it.

    • I do argee with that we are just live up and not worry about it. Only thing is no disrespecter my friend but my curremt girlfriend not crazy at all she freaking perfect and can make the smallest thing fun evem through she gets annoying sometimes. Just think of everything a guy whats in a girl she 80% of all that in one. Only down side for me is my girlfriend hurtsto wear dress but i love them on girls. Pss my ex girlfriend was crazy and a lier

    • So your not alone in that.

    • Pss we don't get alone fine we get alongly perfectly too perfectly.