Why do people say they are over a ex but run away as soon as their ex is in the same place as them?

I known people whos say they are over a ex but if they run into a ex. they will A run away as soon as possible B hide C. Get mad walk up tp their ex and talk shit. D. They just walk pass and it just fucks up their day. For me i do Abd but i stop doing AB since their is no point. I have accepted my feels for my ex and the break up but i won't pretend i don't still love her. Am just not dumb enough to date her agin she too immuture.. So yea i learn to deal with it. So what do u think why do some people say they are over a ex but act like this? Also i known 1 girl who says she over her ex but she on and off friends with beenfits with him. If you wanna be friends with benefits with a ex can you truly be over them? i notice for me if my love was truly it never gos away i learn to deal with it. But if i didn't really love you and you were just other girlfriend i can 100% be over you with out feeling anything at all. I had a ex that said she was over me but the. Would stare at me when with her new boyfriend when i would look away or hide.


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  • i ran away because he hurt me its psychological human nature to protect myself

    • In what way has he hurt u?

    • lying cheating

    • But he never beat you right? n sorry to hear that

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