Why did he tell me he misses me?

I like this guy and he's a doctor. He said he liked me too but then he lost interest. But then he sent me a text saying "miss you". I responded, and it said he was typing but then he stopped. Why would he even tell me he misses me?

I liked him a lot. At first i didn't even like his voice. But then i started liking his voice. I didn't even think he was cute at first. Even though objectively, he is good looking. He said lets get bubble tea but he never tries to make official plans. I dont really care that he's a doctor, that wasn't what made me liked him. I liked how paternalistic he was and the way he talked. Do u read astrology? I liked that he was a capricorn too. I know astrology isn't all factual but i thought he was very cool

He said he wanted to date me and i was the first girl he had asked out since he got here cause he's from london. I thought he liked me. I liked how he seemed like he would take care of me. He said i was sweet. he's 26 and i liked that he's older. I didn't like him at all at first but then i got a huge crush on him. But he doesn't talk to me.

I asked him "do u not like me anymore?" and he never answered to that question. I sent him a message saying I wasn't sure if he was ignoring me or if it's because he's busy since he's a doctor. He immediately sent me a message back saying he was out. But he never tries to hit me up anymore.
Why did he tell me he misses me?
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