How to get over someone without closure?

Let's say things abruptly ended.

Now she is gone, but you still have unresolved feelings.

99% chance nothing will happen, but you hold on to that 1% hope. Anything is possible?

So you struggle with unresolved feelings, how do you ever move on?


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  • 1% hope would never be enough for me to put my life on hold for anyone . Someone either wants you or they don't.

    I'm not sure what kind of closure you are seeking, but sometimes people feel they need answers to questions they have , but answers can lead to more questions. So you never really get the closure you are looking for.

    In my experience holding on is always more painful than letting go. Some things aren't meant to be known or understood , they are meant to be accepted for what they are.

    Wise words by tupac


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  • You can't find closure on something that you don't fully accept is over. The 1% you hold onto is you keeping the door cracked open slightly. Give up the 1%, then you can close it and move on. It'll just take a little time.


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  • At this point you just have to think about yourself.

    You either sulk and dwell on what will never be. Or you pull yourself together and live your life to the fullest. Life is full of choices but you have to ultimately make it yourself.

  • Just stay strong. You will heal.


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